Why you need a will sooner rather than later

University lecturer Maggie Jones was in her late 30s when she drew up a will – which means she was among a minority for her age group.

Recent market research figures show that only 20 per cent of people aged between 30 and 39 have a will, despite this being the most likely age bracket for couples starting a family.

Maggie is now 54 and encouraging others to follow her example.
‘You don’t know what’s around the corner,’ she says. ‘I know people who still haven’t sorted a will and it’s a shame.‘I would encourage everyone to do it.’

Kate, a single mother from Swansea, wrote hers when her son Mike, now 19, was little more than a toddler. She says: ‘I wanted to know there was a plan in place for Tom and that any inheritance would go to the relatives I wanted it to go to.’

She used an online will writing service like Age Care it was all managed by email and post, together with clear guidance explaining all the points she needed to consider.

The will is kept in a box at home and her son knows where to find it whenever the time comes.