Is my information safe?

  • Absolutely. We use our secure server and do not pass your information on to any other party other than a selected legal practice. The relevant information is only forwarded to them once you choose to proceed.


Do I have to buy any products?

  • No the report we provide is free, there is no obligation to buy.


Are the experts qualified solicitors?

  • Yes. We only ever use qualified solicitors who are authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.


Do you provide the service, am I your client?

  • No the legal practice provides the services and you are their client. The legal agreement is between the client and the legal practice.


I want to get a report for myself is this acceptable?

  • Yes individuals or couples can get their own reports.


I want to obtain information for my elderly father how do I do this?

  • If you simply require an overview of the sort of thing he should consider you can input the information to the best of your knowledge to obtain a report. Should you choose to purchase products for your father, accurate information will be required. ┬áHe must sign the agreements to have the work undertaken by a legal advisor.


Is Age Care Protection a law firm?

  • No we are customer service specialists who partner with a select group of Law Society registered solicitors.


Are you UK based?

  • Yes we are UK based with offices in Wales.